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Welcome to Mrs. Sokol's 6th grade Science Class.  I'm so excited to start the year out at Oakcrest this year.  I know we are going to have a fabulous year.  I am a Texas A&M University Graduate who loves to watch all kinds of football.  I am happily married to my amazing husband Michael and we have 3 daughters, Addison 11, Emily 8, and Zoe 6.  Our lives are busy with a side of crazy, but we love every second of it. Before I came to Oakcrest I taught 8th grade Science at Bammel Middle school in Spring ISD for 3 years and Strack Intermediate School in Klein ISD for 2 years.  I was very lucky to get to stay home with my girls for a few years before heading back into the working world.  I was able to be a substitute in TISD for a year and a half before I became a paraprofessional at Oakcrest last February. I feel like I'm one lucky lady to be a teacher Oakcrest and a part of this amazing Science team.  

Recent Posts

Upcoming Science Test

Hello parents,

I wanted to let everyone know that the outer space unit test has been scheduled for next week Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15th.  This test will cover all the information we have discussed in the outer space unit and the information the kids were supposed to research for their projects.  Topics include: gravity and how it can be increased or decreased, the planets their movements and their properties (from the research), the sun, asteroids, comets, meteorites, meteors, meteoroids, the Galilean moons, Astronomers and their historical models, and the timeline of past and future space exploration and travel.  I have posted all of our notes and some extra Google Slides in Google Classroom to help the students study in case their notes are missing parts or if they happen to leave their notebooks at school they can still study.  

Thank you,

Robin Sokol

Student Choice-Space Project

The students started this project last week in class.  They began their research on Wednesday and continued all the way through Monday.  The project is due on February 8th, next Thursday.  If you have any questions about it please email me.   

Vocabulary Quiz On Friday

It will be over 10 new words and 5 old words.  You can use your vocabulary cards.

Force and Motion Test December 19th

We will be having our force and motion Test on Tuesday December 19th.  It will cover Balanced and Unbalanced Forces, Speed and Motion Graphing.  

Vocabulary Cards

New Vocabulary Words Due Nov. 17th. They will be given a vocabulary quiz on the 17th, they will be able to use their vocabulary cards on the quiz if they have them complete.

6.6ab Metals and Density Study Guide Key

This is a copy of the the Study Guide Key for you to go over with your student.  We were going to take it for a grade today in class but many of the students did not have it complete. This is pretty upsetting considering I gave this to them last Tuesday to complete and they had time in class.  Please remember if you do sign their review they will receive 5 points on their test grade. Thanks for your help. 

Matter and Density study guide

This is the Review sheet for the Metals Nonmetals and Metalloids Test that we are having on Tuesday October 24.  This Review sheet is due on Monday the 23rd.  We will be grading it in class so the students have the right answers to study.  I will be out of town this weekend so I will not be checking my email.  I have warned the students about this so they know.  Have a great weekend!