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Oakcrest Art Studio Creed

"We are talented individuals who inspire lifelong artistry and creativity!"



*We will value one another as unique artists!
*We will not laugh at or make fun of any artwork!
*We will use good manners & kindness during art!
*We will cheer each other to success in creativity!
*We will help each other to push our art further!
*We will recognize every effort of creativity and applaud it!
*We will encourage each other to do our best in art!
*We will practice virtuous living in art using Life Principles!


“Art has the role in education of helping children become

more like themselves, instead of more like everyone else! 


What are the benefits of taking art?
Taking art will not only help you express yourself, but it also teaches you technical skills in various art media! Art builds problem solving skills that will equip you to deal creatively with challenging situations both alone and with others. Of course, exercising your creativity is also lots of fun! Each project will help you explore more creativity and push your talents further and further!


6th Grade ART ELECTIVE Important Information


What kind of art will I do?
In 6th grade art, we go deeper into developing your knowledge of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design and how to apply them more vigorously into each project. We will excel your drawing skills, color theory, sculpture, printmaking, and painting techniques. We also experiment with recycled materials, and keep a sketchbook for practice and inspiration. We meet every day in 6th grade, so you will have more time to work on each project. You will be able to time manage, work at your own pace, but keep deadlines.

How do I get graded in art?
You will have a daily participation grade, and a grading rubric will be used for goal setting and major grade projects! Remember: Art Class is not a free period to socialize. You are expected to use art time daily to work hard and work towards your creative goals and deadlines. Art homework will be given to students not working in class to ensure they meet their deadlines.

How much will art cost?
Each art student is required to pay a $15 fee for art. This fee will go towards art supplies for projects. You will also need to buy a sketchbook that will be kept in the art room for planning projects and as a creative outlet for you to use if you finish a project early. All other supplies will be provided by the school, unless I ask for photographs or recyclables to be sent in for a specific project.


Junior high & high school art!
Taking art in 6th grade won’t only benefit you immediately, but will prepare you to move on to more advanced art classes in later grades. As your skills develop, more media become available to you; projects become more independent and large scale. In junior high and high school, you will be presented with an increasing number of opportunities to enter contests and win scholarships.


Your future in art!
Continuing in art all the way through graduation will prepare you to move into fields like gallery fine arts, graphic design/advertising/marketing, photography, cinema, fashion design, interior design, illustration, animation, and many others. In fact, there are projected to be more art related jobs created in the future U.S. economy than in practically any other discipline!



Holly Ellis 

Oakcrest Intermediate 5/6 Art Teacher  



Please visit the teacher website for more important information about 5th and 6th grade art.