Welcome, Wildcats! 

I am thrilled to be your World Cultures teacher, especially during such a historic year! This is the year of Social Studies! Between a worldwide pandemic, reform movements, and an election year, we are going to have an amazing year of learning, thinking critically, and exploring issues that affect us all! We will examine the geography, history, culture, government, and economies around the world in World Cultures. It is truly the best class ever and I can't wait to get started!

I believe in open lines of communication. Please feel free to email me if you ever have any questions or concerns; I am here to help! 
We do not yet know what this year will hold, but we will get through it together with grace, patience, and love! 
Stacia Seagroves
World Cultures


Thankful for you


As we head into Thanksgiving break, we want to express our gratitude for your continued support from home. We are so blessed to be able to teach your children each day. We hope you have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving with your family. 

Thank you,

World Cultures Team

Google Meet Information

Google Meet Code: seagroves

1st Period- 8:00 am

3rd Period- 9:30 am

4th Period- 10:18 am

6th Period- 12:32 pm

7th Period- 1:20 pm

8th Period- 2:08 pm

Supplies for Virtual Students

I would go ahead and buy the school supplies listed for your child's classes now to have on hand at home if you can. Your child will be returning to F2F eventually and some of the supplies can be harder to find later in the year. Supplies are also cheaper now than they normally are and I'm all about saving $. 
Headphones with a mic will be helpful for virtual classes. 
Virtual students will not need a spiral for my class, because I have created a digital interactive notebook. However, they can use the spiral if they prefer writing on real paper instead of typing. 
You should at least have the standard pencils, pens, highlighter, scissors, paper, glue stick, etc that most classes use. We also use colored pencils and an extra fine point (the really skinny tip) black Sharpie for maps in World Cultures.  


TISD is now using a Learning Management System named Schoology. This replaces Google Classroom with even more and better features. All students in the district, whether in person or virtual, will be utilizing Schoology, so it is helpful to watch some tutorial videos to familiarize yourself with the program.   
Schoology YouTube Channel
  • If you are signed into a personal Gmail account, you must sign out and sign in with your TISD account. 
  • Use the Chrome browser! Install Chrome as your default browser. 
  • Do NOT use the Schoology App (trust me). Instead, use the browser to log into the actually website. You can download that to your home screen for quick future access.