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My name is Briana Campos and this is my 3rd year here at Oakcrest Intermediate School. I am the 5th Grade Music and 6th Grade Choir teacher. I believe that Oakcrest is the best school on the planet and music is the best thing on the planet!!  This is my 11th year in Tomball ISD, teaching and serving the best students in Texas. In addition to teaching music and choir here at Oakcrest, I have helped to coordinate the All District Honor Choir for 10 years. I have also served on the Fine Arts Grading Guidelines committee in 2016 and have served on various other committees throughout my career, including the Fine Arts Festival committee each year.

I grew up in Arlington, Texas (Go Cowboys! Go Rangers! Go Mavs!) where I graduated from James Martin High School in 2002, home of the Martin Warriors.  For college, I went to The University of Texas at Arlington (Go Mavericks!) and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Choral Music Education in 2007.  

When I am not working, I love spending time with my husband, traveling back home to visit family in Arlington and I have several hobbies including baking, trying new foods and learning about different things.


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6th Grade Choir FAQ's

Below are some FAQ's about our 6th Grade Wildcat Choir.

What Can Choir provide for me?

·          Teamwork

·          Commitment

·          Leadership

·          Self-discipline

·          Music reading skills

·          Vocal production skills

·          Rehearsal and performance skills​

           Communication skills

·          Friendships

·          Fun memories

·          Greater academic success

·          Choir family

What does choir cost?
Students will be required to purchase a choir shirt as part of their choir uniform.  The shirts run from $10.00-$15.00.  Social events may have an entry fee.  There might be a small costume cost for the Spring Pop Show/Musical.

What are the time requirements for membership in choir?
Students will take choir as a class every day.  We have 4-5 required performances that students must attend as a major grade.
We also may have an after school rehearsal (3:30-4:30 p.m.) before a performance. 

I already know how to sing and/or have already sang in a choir, will I experience anything new?  You will attend choir more frequently (on a daily basis), so if you were in a choir before, those skills will serve as a foundation and you will build on top of those skills with challenging new skills. 

I have never been in choir and am afraid my voice might stick out when singing with others? If you have never been in choir before, do not worry, we start with the basics and will cover everything you need to know in order to be successful in choir.  Blending voices together is a skill that we learn and develop.  You will gain confidence by being in choir and knowing that you CAN sing! 

Will I ever have to sing a solo or sing alone in class? No. There will be opportunities for solos if you are interested in performing, but no one ever is required to sing alone.  You will always sing in a group setting.  There is not an audition required to be in choir.  

What kind of music do you sing in choir?
We sing a little bit of everything! In the fall, we concentrate on choral basics such as posture, breathing and tone production.  At our Fall Concert, we perform our school song, a sea chanty and a Texas Medley.  At our Winter Concert, we sing traditional carols, winter music, and some fun favorites.  For our spring contest season, we sing folk & classical literature, and for our Spring Musical or Pop Show, we will combine singing, acting and choreography with a variety of songs from either pop, jazz or Broadway.  

Can I wait until 7th Grade to be in Choir? We recommend that anyone that is interested in singing in choir, should sign up in 6th grade.  While there is an opportunity to sign up in 7th Grade, new skills will be taught on top of what is learned during beginning choir in 6th grade.  Students have an opportunity to continue to advance their knowledge and skills throughout their junior high and high school careers.  There will be more performance and enrichment opportunities each year as students advance in the choir elective.    


 I am interested in being in theater produtions in junior high,will choir teach me any skills that I would need to be in theater? Yes.  Choir teaches several skills that help students be successful in not only choir but theater such as vocal production, communication on stage through facial expression and body language/movement, confidence on stage, memorization skills as well as many more!

This Week

5th Grade Music- This week in music, students are listening to "Aquarium" from Camille Saint Saens "Carnival of the Animals."  Students are learning to identify musical ideas heard in pieces of music including (dynamics, pitch, tempo, instruments, style.) Students are choosing jobs in music as part of our Great Expectation program.  Students are starting to sight-read musical examples using quarter and eighth notes.  We are also looking at instruments and students are sharing some interesting facts they know about each instrument family.

Ice Cream Social

Just a reminder that our 6th Grade Choir Ice Cream Social is next Thursday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. at Oakcrest.  Bring a topping to share! Students must be a car rider, walker or bike rider in order to stay.  There are no late buses.