Dear Students and Parents,
      I am very excited for another great year at Oakcrest Intermediate. This year
marks the start of my 29th year in TISD. I spent my first year at Decker
Praire Elementary teaching 5th grade. The following 16 years I taught at
Beckendorf Intermediate teaching both 5th and 6th grade students. From 2009-2016, I taught fifth and sixth grade Language Arts and Social Studies at Creekside Forest Elementary.  I was so excited to transfer to Oakcrest  and be closer to home.
      I am orginally from Sac City, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University
in 1992 (GO CYCLONES!!). I grew up with both parents as teachers, so I guess
you could say that I inherited the "teaching gene". You've probably heard
that I'm the "teacher who sneezes loud", but there are other cool things
about me too. I have the best dog in the world!! Ruby was found at BIS in
January of 2009. She's been a great addition to my family and a constant
source of entertainment for me. 
     My older sister Jane and her two cats moved in with me in April.  I honestly don't know how I would have survived with Covid quarantine without them.  
I look forward to a great year full of exciting learning.
Ms Broughton


Unsung Hero PBL Update: 12/12/19

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”- Robert Burns


My plan for our Unsung Hero PBL  is taking longer than expected. We are still drafting and revising our biographies and haven’t started the visual presentation yet.  The only way to complete everything would be to send home to finish. But, I don’t know what to add this to your burden or the kids. So, my Christmas present to you is to shorten the assignment and have kids write the biography at school and omit the visual presentation part.  They will finish drafting in class by Tuesday.  Students will handwrite their biographies so we can display them after Christmas Break.  Students can add a picture of their Unsung Hero is they have one, or they can draw one. If your child has any work done on the computer, please have them bring a copy of it.  

Students will have time in class tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday to finish their biography essay.  If they don’t utilize that time, they may have to complete at home.

There will not be any Greek or Latin vocabulary words next week.  I hope you can find time in the evening to read together as a family.  (or watch a fun Christmas movie, or decorate Christmas cookies, or build a gingerbread house, or go caroling, or go explore Christmas lights in your pj’s with hot chocolate.)


Ms Broughton

ELA Update Week of Dec. 9th


Students got back their Vocabulary quizzes from Friday.  If your child is not happy with their grade, they are invited to write a short vocabulary story using all 10 of the words correctly in context.  That is due to me by Wednesday of this week. Students has a list for the words this week:  Latin Root Aud, son, and phon_ sound, to hear.  I created a quizlet for them in google classroom to help student and gave them a word sort in class.  This is a daily grade.


I was excited to hear about their Unsung Hero interviews in class today!!  We worked on writing our opening paragraph of their biography today.  Tomorrow we will discuss how to organize the information they learned and make an outline for the body of their essay and begin drafting.  I'm hoping to get a rough draft completed by Wednesday or Thursday.


I did have a couple students who did not complete an interview.  I have an interview of Mrs. Eddlemon in Google Classroom that they can use. Your child will have to watch the video and take notes before class tomorrow, or complete an interview on a person tonight.  


Thank you,

Ms Broughton

Upcoming PBL on Biographies

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

In order to make biographies come to life for our students, we have decided to showcase our communities “unsung heroes”. An unsung hero is a person who has done great deeds for their community, but they have received little to no recognition. 

We are very excited about beginning our Biographical Project once we return from Thanksgiving Break. The project, which is a major grade, will consist of three parts: an interview, a written biographical piece, and a visual presentation. 

When students return from the break, they will compose questions designed to interview an unsung hero of their choosing. We are asking for your assistance with arranging an interview, which can be done with either the actual subject, or someone close to the subject (family member, friend, coworker, etc.). We are asking for your help in assisting your child with this process by scheduling a time between Thursday, December 4th and Sunday, December 8th so that your child can complete their interview via phone, Facetime, or in person. Students will use the answers from the interview as an outline for their written biographical piece. 

Thank you so much for your assistance. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s Language Arts teacher.


Ms. Broughton, Mrs. Dildy, Mrs. Flor, Mrs. Stevens, and Mrs. Weber