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Dear Students and Parents,
      I am very excited for another great year at Oakcrest Intermediate. This year
marks the start of my 26th year in TISD. I spent my first year at Decker
Praire Elementary teaching 5th grade. The following 16 years I taught at
Beckendorf Intermediate teaching both 5th and 6th grade students. From 2009-2016, I taught fifth and sixth grade Language Arts and Social Studies at Creekside Forest Elementary.  I was so excited to transfer to Oakcrest  and be closer to home.
      I am orginally from Sac City, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University
in 1992 (GO CYCLONES!!). I grew up with both parents as teachers, so I guess
you could say that I inherited the "teaching gene". You've probably heard
that I'm the "teacher who sneezes loud", but there are other cool things
about me too. I have the best dog in the world!! Ruby was found at BIS in
January of 2009. She's been a great addition to my family and a constant
source of entertainment for me. I also love to bake and started a Cookie Camp this summer in my home.
I look forward to a great year full of exciting learning.
Ms Broughton

Recent Posts

Summer Reading Lists

Many parents have asked for a summer reading list...which makes my reading heart sing.  I highly recommend some quiet time with a book built into your summer schedule to help prevent the summer slide.  Attached are two lists:  3-5 grades and 6-8 lists.
I'll also be posting about my summer reading on my Twitter page @SarahBroughton5

Pre AP Summer Reading 2018_ Grade 6

If your child signed up for PreAp Language Arts, they met with Mrs. Russell about the summer reading on Monday, May 21st.  They also received a paper copy of this printed on bright green paper and signed for it.  I'm attaching it here in case that paper didn't make it home.  
Students MUST make annotations while reading!!

End of the Year Party info from Tricia Fikes

Good Morning!! 


I can’t believe that we are finished with the school year!! WOW!! I just wanted to send a quick note to remind you about the end of the year party that is coming up on Thursday. 


The party will be Thursday, May 31 from 10:30-11:30am.  Everyone must have their I.D. scanned into the school's system before entering the party. If you have not had yours entered into the system, please have it done before the day of the party to avoid long lines. Make sure to call or email the front office to get your fast pass and avoid the long check-in line. You can only take the fast pass line (located just inside the 2nd set of double doors) if your ID is already in the OIS data base and you let the front office know you are coming to the party. The school will send home a letter with more information about checking in and students being able to leave right after the party. 



I think we have everything we need for the party. It will be very simple. PTO is providing the pizza and drinks. Ms. Broughton is supplying the desserts. So I think we are set. I will have a few games for them to play and have fun. 

Thank you for all your help this year. I think our kiddos had a great year!! 


Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day! 


Tricia Fikes

Ms. Broughton’s Party Parent



ELA Update March 21st

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break with your family!  I honestly can't believe we are in the fourth quarter already!!  This nine week is sure a busy one.

Here are a few important dates to put on your calendar:

  • Thursday, March 22nd.  Drama Vocabulary Quiz
  • Friday, March 23rd Drama Test (Major Grade in Reading)
  • Wednesday, March 28th  Report Cards go home.  MOCK Science STAAR test
  • Friday, March 30th  NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, April 10th MATH STAAR Test
  • Wednesday, April 11th READING STAAR Test
  • Monday, May 14th MATH RETEST STAAR Test*
  • Tuesday, May 15th READING RETEST STAAR Test*
  • Wednesday, May 16th SCIENCE STAAR Test
  • Monday-Thursday, May 21-24th CAMP OAKCREST##
  • Monday, May 28th NO SCHOOL
  • Thursday, May 31st  Last Day of School/End of Year parties/ Early Release

*Only for students who do not pass the first administration in April . Fifth graders will have three chances to pass the reading and math test. My goal for each student to pass both tests on the first administration to avoid having three tests back to back to back in May. 


I reminded the students about my expectations today in class for conduct: 

  • Come to class and records assignments in planner
  • Participates in class discussions; raises hand to speak.
  • Stays focused on independent work.  Uses time in class wisely
  • Pays attention during mini lessons with both eyes and ears on teacher
  • Follows directions quickly.  Doesn't have to be told a second or third time to complete direction
  • Remembers necessary supplies for class (pencils, homework folder, planner, books to read)
  • Puts forth BEST effort in class and on assignments

Next week, we will have a STAAR review leading up to our test on April 11th to build our reading stamina and sharpen our skills.  Reading at home for at least 20 minutes is critical as well.  I will not be sending home any spelling or vocabulary words next week or the week after.  Thursday will be our date for the postponed Drama Vocabulary. 


##Camp Oakcrest is my most favorite week of the year!!  Last year I had a tent that almost filled the classroom!  I'm looking for a big test for this year.  If you have one that you can set up for me in May, please let me know!!  More information will be coming home about Camp Oakcrest when we get to May, but I thought I'd send a SOS on a BIG tent now!


Spelling week of Jan. 29th

Spelling List


Week of Jan. 29

  1. addresses
  2. armies
  3. communities
  4. wrenches
  5. photos
  6. leaves
  7. families
  8. buses
  9. videos
  10. echoes
  11. tomatoes
  12. opportunities
  13. halves
  14. knives
  15. taxes

Vocabulary Words...quiz on Thursday, Jan. 25th



Poetry Vocabulary

Simile-a comparison of 2 unlike things using “like” or “as”

Metaphor- comparing 2 unlike things

Imagery- uses figurative language to create mental pictures to represent objects, actions, or ideas.

Personification-gives human characteristics to non-human things

Sensory language- language that connects to the 5 senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch)

Symbolism- using objects to represent an idea or quality

Mood- the feelings of the reader from reading the poem

Rhyme- the repetition of the same or similar sound, usually at the end of the line of the poem

Alliteration- the repetition of the initial consonant or beginning sounds in 2 or more words close together.  

Free Verse- poetry that does not rhyme or follow a certain rhythm

Lyrical- poetry that expresses feelings or emotions and can be sung

Limerick- a humorous poem with 5 lines

Narrative- poetry that tells a story of an event from beginning to end                                               

Figurative language- language that uses meanings that are different from the literal interpretation


Welcome Back....again!!!

Dear Parents,
Welcome Back...again!!  I hope you all stayed dry and warm after our ice storm.  All the cold weather has me really homesick for Iowa...but I'm so happy that temps will be in the 70's by this weekend!!
Just wanted to pass along a couple of reminders:
1.  Report Cards were sent home today.  All you need to do is sign and return the envelope to your child's homeroom teacher ASAP.
2.  Tomball Reads One Book started today and all kids were given a copy of the book, The One and Only Ivan.  I have the link to the guest readers and other district information in Google Classroom.  I started reading it today to all classes.  I'm inviting students to take over for me tomorrow.  Let me know if you would like to be a guest reader in your child's class one day...we can definitely make that happen!!  It is my expectation that students bring this book (and other library books) to class each day.
3. Next Wednesday, students will have a Poetry/Nonfiction assessment for a MAJOR GRADE in Reading.  Students are currently working on writing different types of poetry for a WRITING major grade.  Due date on this TBA.  I'm looking for a total of four quality polished poems for their mini poetry anthology.  Specific guidelines on the way!!
5.  No Spelling or Vocabulary this week since it's already Thursday!!  Next week will be a Vocabulary week.
6.  Artrageous forms went home today...mark your calendars for Friday, Feb. 2nd!!. Please read for information about dinner tickets and auction items!!  Fifth grade ELA teachers will be displaying some poetry and I hope I can convince some of my Smart Cookies to read some their poetry aloud...tentative poetry reading possible...we shall wait and see on that!!
And finally, as soon as my Early Morning Reading Tutoring passes have been printed, I will give a pass to each student.  I'm now available for before school tutoring Mon- Thursday starting at 7:20 am!! 
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,
Ms Broughton

ELA News Week of Dec. 11th

Dear Parent,

Hold on...only 9 more wake ups before a much needed (on my part) Christmas vacation!!  These are going to be a busy 9 days at that!!


Magazine Projects are due on Friday.  We will have technology in class all week, but many kids didn't draft a second article over the weekend, so there will be some work that  needs to be completed at home.  I told my Smart Cookies today that an article is a series of paragraphs and they needed to have at least three paragraphs per article.  For example, for a Problem/Solution structured article:  one paragraph as an introduction, the second paragraph explaining the problems, and the third paragraph offering a solution. 


Please see my homework board that I've attached for deadlines on how to manage this assignment.  Students were told to copy the whole week down in their planner or a separate sheet of paper, in case their planner has been lost or is missing.  Reminder:  Parents get to help 10%...that includes encouraging them to meet their deadline and help with spelling. 


We had a mini lesson today on how to paraphrase information using Who, What, Where, When, and How.  Students SHOULD NOT be copying pasting information from websites for their articles!!  That is academic dishonesty and will result in a zero for a grade.  (I don't mean to scare you, I mean to prepare you).



Here is the spelling AND vocabulary words this week:  TEST ON MONDAY, DEC. 18th

Spelling/Vocab Week of 12/11: Greek root, tele-


Over a distance; far off

1.  telephone    

(n.), a device for sending and receiving sounds over long distances

2. teleport

(v.), instant travel between two distant locations

3. telegram

(n.),  communication, (like a letter),  sent by a telegraph machine

4. television

(n.), an electronic system of sending images with sound over a wire or through space by devices that change light and sound into electrical waves and then change these back into light and sound

5. telescope

(n.), a tube-like instrument for viewing distant objects

6. telephoto

(adj.) a camera lens designed to give a large image of a distant object

7. telegraph

(n.) a machine for sending messages by a code over wires

8. televise

(v.), to broadcast (something, such as a baseball game) by television

9. telepathic

(adj.), communication from one mind to another without speech or signs

10. telecaster

(n.), a person who broadcasts by television


Magazine Project: Checkpoint #1

Checkpoint #1:

Students should be well on their way to becoming informed about their magazine topic.  They have had 25 minutes a day in class to research as well as reading homework at night to read about their topics.


Today I had students pitch their ideas for the three articles they plan to write. For homework tonight, they should DRAFT one of those articles.  We will work on adding text features to this tomorrow in class.  To help write their articles, students should be using some of the signal words for the text structure they plan to use.  Many students discovered today that they need to find out more information on their topic. 

Students also participated in the Hour of Code at the library and had a blast!!  Mrs. Doss told us about the book for the Tomball reads one book event this year:  The One and Only Ivan.  Here is the link to order a tee shirt.  E store closes on December 22nd





ELA News Week of Dec. 4th

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!!  I can't believe it's already December! The school year seems to be zooming past us.

  We are starting a mini project in class today to showcase our learning on nonfiction text structure, main idea/supporting details and text features.  Kids will be creating a mini magazine on a topic of their choice.  I stressed to students to pick a topic that they were curious about and wanted to learn more about versus a topic that they already know a lot about.  We had a big brainstorming session in class today and about 25 minutes to start researching and reading about their topics. Students will then write 3 articles on their topic and chose three different text structure to organize their information for an article.  For example:  I gave the example using the topic of Leukemia.  I could read about this blood cancer and write an article describing what it is, another one about the cause and effects of Leukemia and a third article comparing and contrasting it to a second type of cancer.  This project will be mainly done in class with mini check points each day.  Today, kids needed to pick their topic. The students can choice to organize their magazine using Google Draw or Google Slides.  It will be a major grade in both Reading and Writing and is due next Friday, Dec. 15th.  Please see attached instruction paper.  You child also has this paper. (hopefully).


Grade recovery opportunity for Main Idea/Supporting details and Text Features will be on Wednesday of this week  It is one passage with ten questions.  It will be weighted as .50 and the Frozen Frog assessment (taken before Thanksgiving will be weighted .50).


This week is Vocabulary.  Here are the words:


Vocabulary Words – Week of 12/4-8


Vocabulary Word List: de-


down, out

decay (v)

to break down; to rot

decline (v)

to go down; to droop; to slope downward

decode (v)

to break down words or sentences to read

decrease (v)

to lower or break down into a smaller amount

deduct (v)

to take out; to remove; to take away from another (usually related to money)

dejected (adj)

feeling down; sad

depress (v)

to press down

deport (v)

to send out of the country; to expel from the country




Academic Vocabulary


  • Author’s purpose: the author’s reason or desired outcome for writing a text
  • Influence: the author is persuading the reader to agree with them
  • Inform: the author is giving information
  • Entertain: the author is providing amusing and/or an enjoyable experience
  • Express: the author is sharing thoughts or feelings




Vocabulary Test: Friday, December 8th