5th Grade ART


Oakcrest  5th Grade ART Handbook

Greetings 5th Grade ART Parents!
Welcome to 5th Grade ART at Oakcrest Intermediate! 


In this letter you will find the art units, a list of art expectations/procedures and Art grading guidelines. 

Please review this letter with your child.


Please subscribe to your assigned teacher’s website for any updates, supplies needed and class agendas.

We are looking forward to a great year educating your child more about art and advancing art techniques! 


Holly Ellis - hollyellis@tomballisd.net - 6th period 

Samantha Calkins - samanthacalkins@tomballisd.net - 1st & 3rd period


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Unit 1: Line, Value, Texture - drawing, mark making, ink, pencil, colored pencil

Unit 2: Shape & Form - 2D & 3D art

Unit 3: Space - horizon line, overlapping, positive/negative space

Unit 4: Color - color pencil blending, paint mixing and painting

Unit 5: Sculpture - hand building clay techniques & other forms of 3D art

Unit 6: Mixed Media - collage, printmaking

Unit 7: Fiber Art - weaving, batiking

Unit 8: Careers - create art focusing on selected art career



ART CONTESTS/ART SHOWS: There will be several opportunities throughout the year for students to be chosen to submit art for contests and art shows including:


  • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Contest        
  • Oakcrest 2020 “Artrageous”
  • Tomball ISD Fine Arts Festival
  • Lone Star College Library Art Exhibit


The 8 Expectations for Art:

*We will value one another as unique artists

*We will not laugh at or make fun of any artwork

*We will use good manners & kindness during art

*We will cheer each other to success in creativity

*We will help each other to push our art further

*We will recognize every effort of creativity and applaud it

*We will encourage each other to do our best in art

*We will practice virtuous living in art using the Life Principles




As artists we will...

  1. Come to class On Time and Prepared to work. 
  2. Be Respectful to the teacher and to others.
  3. Enter the classroom with a Positive Attitude.
  4. Be Careful around others and with supplies, no horseplay inside or outside the art room. 



As artists we will...

  1. Come into class Quietly and be seated. 
  2. Listen and Watch while the teacher demonstrates and follow the directions.
  3. Work quietly and to stay Focused on our artwork.
  4. Clean-up our mess at the end of class.



TOMBALL ISD Fine Arts Competencies K-5

Observation/Perception: Develops visual literacy by applying the elements of art and principles of design. Creative Expression: Uses the imagination to create original artwork. Historical/Cultural Relevance: Uses art history to understand various traditions and cultures. Critical Evaluation and Response: Responds to artwork of self and others; expresses thoughts appropriately. 


Art students will receive a participation grade each week they come to art.

The students’ participation grade will be measured using E, S, N, U.


E: “EXCELLENT” Fully participates, works towards mastery, pushes art further, positive attitude, on task.


S: “SATISFACTORY” Participates in activities most of the time, works towards mastery, positive attitude.


N: “NEEDS IMPROVEMENT” Often does not participate, often does not work toward mastery of skills,
                    needs reminders to stay on task, disruptive.


U: “UNSATISFACTORY” Makes little or no attempt to participate, makes little to no attempt to master skills,
                  needs reminders to stay on task, disruptive.