6th Grade ART



Oakcrest Intermediate Art Department:

Holly Ellis - ⅚ Art + Yearbook  hollyellis@tomballisd.net

Samantha Calkins - ⅚ ART (morning)  samanthacalkins@tomballisd.net

Laura Mize - 6 ART (afternoon)  lauradehaymize@tomballisd.net






That’s right! Exercising your creativity is lots of fun and also so good for your health! Mental health benefits of ART are for EVERYONE!

  • Art relieves stress!
  • Art helps encourage creative thinking!
  • Art helps to boost self-esteem offering a sense of self-accomplishment!
  • Art encourages healthy brain activity!

Essentially, creativity provides a healthy distraction from everyday stress. Art provides problem solving skills so you can come up with your own type of solutions and further stimulate your brain with creative thinking. Also, viewing and creating artwork increases empathy and critical thinking skills in everyone!

About 6th grade Fine Arts Elective - ART

WHAT KIND OF ART WILL I DO? In 6th grade art, we dive deeper into developing knowledge of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design and how to apply them more vigorously into each project. We will excel drawing skills, color theory, sculpture, printmaking, and painting techniques. We also experiment with recycled materials, and keep a sketchbook for practice and inspiration. We meet every day in 6th grade, so you will have more time to work on each project. You will be able to time manage, work at your own pace, but keep deadlines.

HOW DO I GET GRADED IN ART? 6th grade art receives NUMERIC GRADES. Students will have daily participation grades for checkpoints of projects, and a grading rubric will be used for goal setting and major grade projects! Art is not graded on talent, it is about the process, not the product. Learning new techniques with advanced materials and pushing your art to its fullest is how you pass the class! Less Talk, More Art!

HOW MUCH WILL ART COST? Each art student is required to pay a $20 fee for art and purchase a sketchbook. This fee will go towards specialized art supplies for advanced projects. All other supplies will be provided by the school or donated.

6th grade art students gain more opportunities for art contests during the year!

  • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
  • Junior Vase
  • OIS 2020 “Artrageous” Art Show
  • Lone Star College Library Art Exhibit
  • Tomball ISD Fine Arts Festival 2020

YOUR FUTURE IN ART: More art related jobs are projected to be in the future U.S. economy than in any other discipline! Art is contagious, it spawns individual creativity. Art is our youth’s future! Why wait? Join us and start your creative journey in OIS 6th grade ART next year!

th Grade ART Elective Handbook:

Welcome to 6th Grade ART 1 at Oakcrest Intermediate! My name is Holly Ellis and I will be your child’s art teacher everyday this year! I am so excited to make art and explore new mediums this year!


In this letter you will find the art syllabus, behavioral expectations, grading guidelines, and supplies that your child needs to bring to art class. Please review and make sure you and your child sign the last sheet, cut and return to me by this FRIDAY. Please contact me if you have any questions.


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Holly Ellis - 6th Grade Art Teacher - portfolio website: hollyellisart.com

hollyellis@tomballisd.net   (281) 357-3033 x5696


teacher website: Please subscribe to my teacher website for any updates & supply needs. https://ois.tomballisd.net/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=496761&type=u&pREC_ID=721126








These are the Art I Units we will be covering along with the Elements of Art and Principles of Design:

Line and Mark making – Ink, pencil, color pencil

Art History – unit will continue throughout the year with visual literacy warm ups

Drawing – geometric and organic shapes, portraiture and figure drawing

Value – shading scales with different media

Perspective – one point and two point

Proportion – the still life with simple and complex forms

Color Theory –  mixing and painting

Ceramics – hand building clay techniques

Sculpture – other forms of 3d art

Printmaking – block printing - Composition and design

Stencil Art – Graffiti/street art

Fiber Art – hand sewing/weaving

Mixed Media – collage

Art Critiques and Portfolios – will continue throughout year




ART CONTESTS/ART SHOWS: There will be several opportunities throughout the year for students to be chosen to submit art for contests and art shows including:


  • Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo 
  • Junior Vase
  • OIS 2020 “Artrageous” Art Show
  • Lone Star College Library Art Exhibit
  • Art Shows at Oakcrest
  • Tomball ISD Fine Arts Festival





These 4 items are needed for 6th grade ART. These supplies are DUE BY: TUESDAY, SEPT. 3rd


  • There is a required $20 ART FEE for all consumable supplies. ONLINE payment only. ($1 fee)
  • 8 ½ X 11 spiral sketchbook (preferably hard cover or back) YOU CAN BUY FROM OIS ART for $5.
  • 1 roll of masking tape (1 inch or 2 inch works great for projects)
  • 1 pack of paper plates for paint



  • We will value one another as unique artists.
  • We will not laugh at or make fun of any artwork.
  • We will use good manners & kindness during art.
  • We will cheer each other to success in creativity.
  • We will help each other to push our art further.
  • We will recognize every effort of creativity and applaud it.
  • We will encourage each other to do our best in art.
  • We will practice virtuous living in art using the Life Principles.


As artists we will...

  1. Come to class On Time and Prepared to work. 
  2. Be Respectful to the teacher and to others.
  3. Enter the classroom with a Positive Attitude.
  4. Be Careful around others and with supplies, no horseplay inside or outside the art room. 


As artists we will...

  1. Come into class Quietly and be seated. 
  2. Listen and Watch while the teacher demonstrates and follow the directions.
  3. Work quietly and to stay Focused on our artwork.
  4. Clean-up our mess at the end of class.



RESTROOM BREAKS: please ask AFTER project demonstrations or lesson instructions. No restroom breaks the last 10 minutes of class time. We need your help to clean up your area before dismissal. 


CELL PHONE USAGE: Cell phones, electronic devices, headphones or earbuds are not allowed to be on or out during art time. Students will create from their imaginations or bring references from home for their projects. Devices will be turned into the front office if used without permission. Please contact with concerns.


ABSENCE: If your child is absent for illness or will be absent for another reason, please contact me so we can arrange for make-up work. I will happily send home supplies and instructions to help make-up work.


GRADING - Art 1 
Tomball ISD administers NUMERIC grades to all 6th grade Fine Arts electives. All 6th grade Art 1 students at Oakcrest will be graded with a rubric using specific goals to create a successful piece of artwork. 


*Please visit teacher website to view my “HOW TO GET AN “A” IN ART” poster for a breakdown. 

Grades will be regularly updated in the gradebook for your parents to access online.

A (90-100)   B (80-89) C(75-79)    D(70-74) F(0-69)


  • You will be given a daily grade for project checkpoints.
  • You will be graded on everything you draw and write into your sketchbook.
  • You will be graded on every project, artwork, quiz and test.
  • You will be graded on anything assigned while a substitute is here.
  • You will have homework if research is needed for a project reference.

The ART PROJECT GRADING RUBRIC provides students with a clear road map of what is expected of them during and in completion of their art assignments. Students can use this feedback as a tool to improve and develop more creatively. This will be used for MAJOR GRADES only.

The art rubric focuses on these goals: 


*please visit my teacher website under “Grading Guidelines” for more detail of each goal.


 *NOTE: this score is NOT focused on talent. It IS focused on effort, following directions, and creative experimentation with multiple art supplies & techniques reflecting 6th grade ART TEKS.