Welcome to the Oakcrest Clinic!
  • Nurse: Melanie Ellis, BSN, RN
      281-357-3033 ext. 5609


Welcome back Wildcats!


Just a few reminders as we come back into school!

All medications need to be brought in by a Parent/Guardian- All prescription medications must have a signed MD note. Please call or email the clinic to set an appointment for medication drop off. 


COVID Discussion:

  1. Please keep your child home if sick

     1. Temperature of 100.0 or greater, chills, feeling feverish, sore throat, new cough, shortness of breath, 

          diarrhea, vomiting, loss or taste/smell, congestion/runny nose, severe headache, body aches.
  1. If you believe your student has symptoms of COVID 19, please keep them home and call your doctor for guidance. Please also call/email Nurse Melanie.


  1. If someone in your household is positive for COVID 19 (by close contact/family member), please keep your child home and call/email Nurse Melanie for guidance.


  1. All students that come to the OIS Clinic during the school day will be assessed by Nurse Melanie or other Health Services Staff. We may call you to help determine if your student can continue the day at school or need to go home due to illness. Please make sure all your numbers are updated in the system and answer any phone calls from the school to prevent issues.


  1. Please call or email Nurse Melanie if your student is having symptoms and is going to have a COVID 19 test.


  1. Please call or email Nurse Melanie immediately if your student has a positive COVID 19 test. This information is kept confidential.

I know things are different right now, but we will make this a great year.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.