Welcome! My name is Rachel Weber, and I am ecstatic about teaching English and Language Arts at Oakcrest Intermediate! I have been in public education since 2011 and have taught multiple grade levels such as: Pre-K, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade. 
I was born, raised, and have lived my whole life in Houston, TX.  I plan on staying until I retire on a gorgeous sandy beach somewhere. I am married with three sons, a daughter, and two puppy dogs. When I am not teaching, talking about teaching, or planning something exciting for my students, I enjoy reading, playing board games, or spending time at the beach, lake or river.  

Recent Posts

Figurative Language PowerPoint

We have been working really hard on identifying, analyzing and creating figurative language in poetry. This is the PowerPoint we have been using if you want to review the material or talk about how it affects the poem/ why the poet includes it. 
Context Clues Candy Corn
Is your child struggling to determine the meaning of unknown words in their books? Try the Candy Corn method!  Ask your child to show you the examples in their notebooks!

Growing Ideas about Characters

Hello Amazing Parents and Guardians!
In class we are working on digging deeper into our characters. We are using sentence starters to push our thinking. One way to help your child is to have them practice using the same sentence starters to respond to their book when reading daily. They can write them on sticky notes and keep them in the book or write them in their reading note book in the "Writing about our Reading: my reading" section.