Welcome Awesome Wildcats!

I am so excited to teach sixth grade English Language Arts at Oakcrest Intermediate this year!

It is my goal to help your child grow as a reader and writer this year! We will engage in many reading and writing activities that will strengthen and increase their language arts skills and will enhance their love for learning. Also, being great citizens and classmates will be emphasized in our class through the eight expectations for living and the life principles in Great Expectations. Students will grow as scholars and in character during our class!

I want to partner with you in your child's educational journey! Please contact me anytime through email if you have any questions or concerns. I am always willing to help! To stay informed, please subscribe to my Edlio page (under my picture and name) for important announcements and assignments for our class. Communication is key in helping your student be most successful!

I am looking forward to getting to know you! We will have a great year!


Recent Posts

Poetry Test and Notice and Note Book 2 Due Tomorrow!

We have 2 important grades for tomorrow:
1.) Poetry Test - Students should be fully prepared for the poetry test from the activities we completed in class. They can review their poetry notes in their INB or study important poetry vocabulary/figurative language in the Google Classroom. (https://quizlet.com/457688026/poetry-termsfigurative-language-flash-cards/?x=1qqt)
2.) Notice and Note Book #2 - Students will turn in their 12 sticky notes with both parts (what it is and the ask yourself question) and their bookmark with page numbers for their second book for this nine weeks. The Google Classroom has a slide show with instructions for completing the sticky notes and bookmark and a orange stem bookmark for helping students write their sticky notes.
Thank you so much for encouraging your child to prepare for the test and to complete their notice and note assignment! Have a great night!

Extra Credit - TED Talk Viewing Worksheet

In the Google Classroom, students can watch the provided Ted Talk on the Student Viewing Sheet and then, can complete the 12 questions. I have provided a teacher model with another TED Talk, so the students can see the expectations for completing the questions. All answers should be correct and in complete sentences.
Students can earn back up to 8 points on a major grade for completing the Student Viewing Sheet. The Student Viewing Sheet must be completed by 7am on Wednesday, December 18 for credit.

Important Upcoming Dates - 12/3

I am very excited to be back with your children this week! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!
Here are some important upcoming dates for ELA:
1.) The second fiction book for this nine weeks must be finished with notice and note sticky notes and bookmark by Friday, December 13.
2.) We will finish our poetry unit with a Poetry Test on Friday, December 13. 
To Mrs. Phelps Homeroom Parents (3rd and 4th Periods):
We are in need of your help. On Friday, December 20th, each homeroom class is participating in a Holiday Party for all students to celebrate the end of the first semester. I need the help of a party coordinator to help make this celebration a success. Unfortunately, my homeroom has not had a parent to sign up to assist in coordinating this celebration.
This parent coordinator will be responsible for creating a sign-up genius with a list of items they need and then passing that information back to me to send out to other parents who can donate or provide necessary items. We will also need the party coordinator to arrive at OIS 30 minutes prior to the party to help set up and clean up. Our Holiday party does not conflict with the Elementary schools.  
Please use the link below to register to be my party coordinator and for more information regarding the Holiday celebration. If you need any more information, please let me know.  I thank you in advance for your support!
Thank you so much! Have a great day!
Mrs. Angie Phelps
6th Grade ELA
Oakcrest Intermediate

Non-Fiction/Informational Test Tomorrow, 11/19

Students will be taking their Non-Fiction/Informational Test tomorrow, 11/19 to end this unit. They can study text features, text structures, main idea/controlling idea/thesis, and the T.O.M annotating strategy in their INB notebooks. We have been annotating and practicing question/answer strategies on many informational texts, so they should have the knowledge and skills they need! They will do great :)

Announcements for 11/8

Hi wonderful parents! I wanted to share a few announcements for the upcoming weeks:
1.) The classroom spelling bee is this Monday, 11/11! If your child is participating, please encourage him or her to study the word list this weekend! I know all the participants will do awesome!
2.) We are analyzing informational texts during this nine weeks! The informational genre test will be on Tuesday, November 19! It is in a few weeks, but I wanted to give you a heads up for the future!
It is such a joy to work with your children! Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns! Have a great weekend :)

Where I'm From Flipgrid

If your student has not recorded their Where I'm From poem on Flipgrid, please encourage them to complete it tonight. The Flipgrid link is posted on Google Classroom under the Where I'm From assignment. Your student's video will be available through a QR code to be viewed tomorrow during the World Culture Night! Thank you so much for your help!

Points Recovery on a Major Grade - First Nine Weeks

For points recovery on a major grade for this nine weeks, students can choose 1 or 2 of the TED Talks from links provided on the Google Classroom. Then, they can complete the TED Talk form to get 4 added points per TED Talk. Students can only complete 2 TED Talks for up to 8 points added to a major grade for the first nine weeks. All TED Talk Forms must be submitted on Google Classroom by 4 pm on Wednesday, October 9.

Important Upcoming Dates!

The Fiction Unit Test will be given tomorrow, October, 2.  Students are expected to show their annotations (thinking on the test) as well as proving their answers. We have reviewed elements of fiction (plot diagram, point of view, theme, etc.) and completed a number of practice activities in class. Here is a fun interactive review of story elements you may want your child to review at home:  https://www.learner.org/interactives/story/.

The first Notice and Note assignment (12 sticky notes and bookmark) is due this Friday, October 4.  Many students have already completed their post-it notes and are almost ready to turn the assignment in.  Students have been reading their novels and working on this assignment for 5 weeks.  Thank you for helping your child accomplish their reading goals by making sure they complete their daily homework assignment for reading. 

Other important dates:

October 3 – Spring Creek BBQ fundraiser

October 11  -  Half-day for students 

October 14 – No school for students

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Book Fair Next Week!

We are having our first book fair of the year next week! Our class will be visiting the book fair on Tuesday, September 24! They are welcome to visit the book fair other days during class if they bring money!
Check out the book fair website for more information: http://bit.ly/2m09y2K
If your child does not want to bring cash to school, you can put money on your child's book fair e-wallet. Click here to learn more about the e-wallet: http://bit.ly/2m5iP9C
I hope you have a great weekend!

Notice and Note Test Tomorrow!

Remember, we have a Notice and Note Test tomorrow. Students will read a passage. Then, they will find the Notice and Note Strategies in the text and explain the "Ask Yourself" questions for deeper thinking! Study your bookmark if you are unsure of the six signposts, their definitions, and the "ask yourself" questions. I have attached a bookmark to study!

GT Parent Meeting - 9/17

Mrs. Cates, our GT instructional specialist, wanted me to share this information with you if you have a GT student!

There will be a GT Parent Meeting for current GT parents or parents who want to know how to have their child tested.  Please join us at the Northpointe Intermediate Cafeteria on September 17, 2019 from 6:30-7:30. GT Specialists from Northpointe, Oakcrest, Willow Creek and Lakewood will be there to answer your questions and present information about the TISD Gifted Education Program. Parents from Willow Wood and Tomball Memorial are welcome to attend to learn how their child can be tested for GT. Hope to see you there!

Also, for GT information, please subscribe to Mrs. Cates Edlio page by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/2kgqNfC

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Weekly Agendas

I have added a new tab to my Edlio page called Weekly Agendas! Please click the link on that page to see what we are doing each week, upcoming daily and major grades, and pictures from class activities.

Summer Reading Test and Me Bag

We had such a great first day in ELA! Your child is just wonderful, and I cannot wait for an awesome year!
I wanted to touch base about 2 important things for ELA this week:
1.) Summer Reading Test on Thursday, August 22 - It will be an open-ended short answer test asking about important literary elements discussed in the book! The students will meet in their book groups tomorrow to review and discuss the book!
**If your student is new to the district, I will be sending home a letter tomorrow with all the book choices, and the instructions for completing the summer reading assignment.
2.) Me Bag Assignment- Students need to bring 3 items that represent them on Thursday, August 22. It can be pictures, objects, or anything important they would like to share with the class! I am excited to continue building a caring classroom culture!
Have a great night! I can't wait to see your child for day 2!