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Welcome Wildcats to a WONDERFUL new school year 2018-2019!


First of all, I want to thank you for giving me the privilege to be teaching your child, I am looking forward to getting to know them and helping them grow into inquisitive and curious scientists. I am blessed to be in Oakcrest teaching along side a wonderful science team AND bilingual team. My 5th grade science team consists of Mrs.Leach and Mrs.Jackson. My bilingual team consists of Mrs.Porras (LA), Mrs.Morales (SS), Mrs.Lagos (Math),  Ms.Osorio and Mrs.Worsham. I am also co-teaching 6th grade science with Ms. Hunt.


I grew up as a Tomball Cougar. I started school in Tomball Elementary back when it first opened. I went to both Tomball Intermediate and Beckendorf Intermediate during my 5th and 6th grade. I moved into Tomball Junior High and finally graduated from Tomball High School in 2009. I got my Bachelor's from Sam Houston State University. I have previously taught 6th grade in Bryan I.S.D.



If you have any questions, please subscribe or email me. I look forward to positively collaborate with you.




¡Bienvenido Wildcats a un MARAVILLOSO nuevo año escolar 2018-2019!


Antes que nada, quiero agradecerles por darme el privilegio de enseñar a su hijo, estoy ansiosa por conocerlos y ayudarlos a convertirse en científicos curiosos e inquisitivos. Tengo la bendición de estar en Oakcrest enseñando al lado de un maravilloso equipo de ciencia Y equipo bilingüe. Mi equipo de ciencias de quinto grado está compuesto por Mrs.Leach y Mrs.Jackson. Mi equipo bilingüe está formado por Mrs.Porras (LA), Mrs. Morales (SS), Mrs.Lagos (Math),  Ms.Osorio y Mrs.Worsham. También estoy co-enseñando ciencias de 6to grado con la Sra. Hunt.


Crecí como un Tomball Cougar.  Empecé la escuela en la Primaria Tomball cuando se abrió por primera vez. Fui a Tomball Intermediate y Beckendorf Intermediate durante mi 5 ° y 6 ° grado. Me mudé a Tomball Junior High y finalmente me gradué de Tomball High School en 2009. Obtuve mi título de bachiller en Sam Houston State University. Anteriormente enseñé 6 ° grado en Bryan I.S.D.


Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor suscríbase o envíeme un correo electrónico. Espero colaborar positivamente con usted.








Recent Posts

Happy Tuesday!

Dear parents/guardians,
The students have been working on Fossil Fuels notes and a Webquest during class. These are found in their Google Classroom. Some of the students did not finish, so it has turned into homework. I wanted to inform you so you know that they will be coming home with some assignments today to prepare for Thursday's test. 

Happy 2019

Dear parents/guardians,
I am pleased to begin a fresh new semester with your child. We are picking up where we left off, the kids are reviewing Fossil Fuels. We have a unit test this Thursday. 
I will begin tutoring on Mondays starting February 4th, after school, for your child's convenience. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Sedimentary Rocks

Hello parents/guardians,
We will have our Unit 6/7 test this Thursday. Please ask your child what the process of lithification consists of (they should say compaction/cementation), also ask what compaction and cementation does to sedimentary rocks. For further practice, please ask them to give you examples of weathering, erosion deposition that are happening outside of school. 
Best regards,

Test on Thursday 10/25

Please take advantage of the resources posted on Google Classroom. Please study for the test. Some key points to know:
  • Sound energy requires vibrations
  • Mediums are states of matter
  • Electrical energy is used to power up 
  • Conductors let electrical energy pass through (metals)
  • Insulators don't let electrical energy pass through (plastic, rubber, wood)
  • Know the difference between open and closed circuits
  • Know the flow of the path of electricity 
  • Know the difference between simple, series and parallel circuits

Unit 3 Test on Tuesday

Just a reminder, Unit 3 Test is on Tuesday. The key has been posted on Google Classroom. Please take some time to review! Enjoy the weekend!

This week ...

This week we are touching base on thermal/light energy. The students have a half day on Friday. We will review on Friday for our last test of the 9 weeks. Unit 3 Test will be on Tuesday, October 9. 
The test will cover the transfer of thermal energy and also refraction/reflection. 

Tutoring/ReTEST Unit 2

Students should be taking home their Unit 2 Test Reflection sheet. They have until Friday to re-test to attain credit. Re-test can happen before school from 7:20-7:40 OR after school, I'm available until 4:00, just let me know which day you would like to stay.


1. Please study the Tools Gallery Walk for QUIZ on Monday
2. Watch "Thermal Energy & Weather" videos on Google Classroom
3. Complete the "Thermal Energy & Weather" Google Form