Laura Mize 5th Grade U.S. History & 6th Grade Art

Hello Wildcats!
My name is Laura Mize and this is my second year at Oakcrest.   I previously taught 3rd and 5th grade in Sugarland, Texas.  I am teaching 5th grade Social Studies and 6th grade Art at Oakcrest this year.  I love history and I have a passion for Art!  I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to teach both subjects. I received my degree in education from Texas Tech University. I have been married for 24 years and I have 3 totally awesome children.  My oldest son is a senior at Texas Tech (Wreck 'Em Tech!), My younger son is a sophomore at OU (Boomer Sooner!) and my daughter is a junior at Klein High.  I am an avid tennis player and I love to travel to warm climates and beautiful beaches!  Reading on the beach is my favorite thing in the world! I enjoy watching my daughter cheer and I loved watching my sons play  football when they were in high school. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to teach your kiddos!!  Let's make it a great year!  


This Week in Social Studies: 1/27-31



This Week's Schedule
*Subject to Change*  
Monday, 1/27
  • Putting it all together
  • Westward Expansion review

Tuesday, 1/28

  • Westward Expansion Task Cards
  • Westward Expansion Unit Kahoot Review

Wednesday, 1/29

  • Mock Reading STAAR

Thursday, 1/30

  • Westward Expansion Unit Review Games

Friday, 1/31

  • Westward Expansion Unit Assessment
  • Review Sheet due before assessment begins

Upcoming dates:
  • 1/14: OIS Spirit Night @ Willies From 4:00-Closing (249 location)
  • 1/15: 2nd 9 Weeks Report Cards go home
  • 1/16: 5th Grade Fine Arts/TAP Parent Meeting @ 6:00 PM in OIS Cafe
  • 1/20: No School Student Holiday
  • 1/27: 5th Grade 2nd 9 Weeks Awards @ 10:20 AM 
  • 1/31: Westward Expansion Unit Assessment
  • 2/21 Artrageous! 

This Week in Social Studies: 11/4-8


This Week's Schedule
*Subject to Change*
This week is definitely going to be a great week in US History!  Students will continue working on the Road to Revolution Project and Monday will be the last full class period that will be dedicated to working on the project.  Students may work on the project at home, come in the mornings beginning at 7:20.  All instructions and expectations have been given to the students and are posted in Google Classroom.  On Wednesday, November 6th, students will take the TISD Social Studies CBA.  Please remember that this is a snapshot of student learning.  We will wrap up the week with the Road to Revolution Project products due on Friday, 11/8.  During class students will participle in a project showcase and provide student praise for each other. 
Monday, 11/4
  • Road to Revolution Project Workday #3
  • Graphic Organizer due for a Daily Grade
Tuesday, 11/5
  • Students may work on project (for at least half of the period)
  • Begin American Revolution Gallery Walk
Wednesday, 11/6 - IPR #1 Sent Home
  • District Social Studies CBA
    • Students should review their notes and resources in Google Classroom to help guide them in preparing for it. 
    • Please remember that this is a snapshot of their learning and provides OIS as well as the district with data to support essential learning standards. 
    • We are confident that our students will do well on it!
Thursday, 11/7
  • American Revolution Gallery Walk
Friday, 11/8 - *Road to Revolution Project Due*
  • Project Showcase Gallery Walk (First Half)
  • American Revolution Gallery Walk (Second Half)
Upcoming Dates:
  • American Revolution Assessment: Tentative Date-11/15
  • Thanksgiving Break: 11/25-29
  • States and Capitals-Set 2 Quiz: 12/6

This Week In Social Studies: 10/28-11/1


This Week's Schedule

*Subject to Change*

Monday, 10/28

  • The Boston Tea Party
  • The Intolerable Acts

Tuesday, 10/29

  • The Causes of the American Revolution Checkpoint
  • First Continental Congress/Patrick Henry 

Wednesday, 10/30

  • Lexington & Concord

Thursday, 10/31

  • Road to Revolution Project

Friday, 11/1

  • Road to Revolution Project

Geography and Regions Test 9/13

We will be having our Geography and Regions test on Friday 9/13.  A test review was sent home on Friday 9/6.  The information students need to fill out the review is all in their Social Studies Notebook.  Students will turn the review in on the day of the test.  In Google Classroom there is a ¨Quizezz¨ review they can do. 

This Week in Social Studies: 8/26-30


This Week's Schedule
*Subject to Change*

We are starting our Geography Unit this week in US History!! 

Monday, 8/26
  • Growth Mindset/Goals
  • Why study social studies?
Tuesday, 8/27
  • Start Geography Unit 
  • What do you know about Maps? Kahoot Game
  • Geography Vocabulary
Wednesday, 8/28
  • Map Skills Flocabulary
  • Nearpod Map Skills
Thursday, 8/29
  • Map Skills: Latitude/Longitude
  • Coordinate Grid Game
Friday, 8/30
  • Map Skills Checkpoint