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Laura Mize 5th Grade U.S. History & 6th Grade Art

Hello Wildcats!
My name is Laura Mize and this is my first year at Oakcrest.  I am returning to teaching after being a stay at home mom.  I previously taught 3rd and 5th grade in Sugarland, Texas.  I am teaching 5th grade Social Studies and 6th grade Art at Oakcrest this year.  I love history and I have a passion for Art!  I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to teach both subjects. I received my degree in education from Texas Tech University with a specialization in English. I am also certified in Art and P.E. K-12. I have been married for 23 years and I have 3 totally awesome children.  My oldest son is a junior at Texas Tech (Wreck 'Em Tech!), My younger son is a freshman at OU (Boomer Sooner!) and my daughter is a sophomore at Klein High.  I am an avid tennis player and I love to travel to warm climates and beautiful beaches!  Reading on the beach is my favorite thing in the world! I enjoy watching my daughter cheer and I loved watching my sons play  football when they were in high school. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to teach your kiddos!!  Let's make it a great year!  

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U.S. States and Capitals-Set 3

States and Capitals Set 3


Quiz: Wednesday, March 6th
Madison, Wisconsin
Springfield, Illinois
Jefferson City, Missouri
Little Rock, Arkansas
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
St. Paul, Minnesota
Des Moines, Iowa
Bismarck, North Dakota
Pierre, South Dakota
Lincoln, Nebraska
Topeka, Kansas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Austin, Texas
  • Students will need to identify the state and capital on a blank map.
  • Spelling is NOT necessary. 
  • Resources are posted in Google Classroom. 
  • U.S. States and Capitals-Set 3 Quizlet link.

This Week in Social Studies: 12/10-12/14



This Week's Schedule
*subject to change*
Monday, December 10th
  • Finish U.S. Constitution Task Cards
  • Bill of Rights Product
Tuesday, December 11th
  • Bill of Rights Product 
  • Bill of Rights scenarios
Wednesday, December 12th
  • Finish Bill of Rights Product, if needed
  • Constitution Unit Task Cards, finish if needed
  • Review
Thursday, December 13th
  • Constitution Unit Review Games
Friday, December 14th
  • U.S. Constitution and New Government Unit Test (major grade)
  • Constitution and New Government Test Review Sheet
  • Study Social Studies Notebook notes for the unit, warm ups, Google Classroom resources under unit topic, and review sheet 15 minutes each night for the test on Friday.  
Tutoring is offered every Monday and Wednesday morning at 7:20.The amount of material covered in this unit can be overwhelming for 5th graders, so I would highly recommend coming in the morning for extra study time! I can also be available on Thursday and Friday this week.  The computer lab is also open Monday-Friday at 7:20.  Students will need a pass in order to come to tutoring or go to the computer lab.  

This Week in Social Studies: 12/3-12/7


This Week's Schedule
*subject to change*
Monday, December 3rd
  • Three Branches of Government Webquest, roles and responsibilities
Tuesday, December 4th
  • Three Branches of Government Article and Scoot Game
Wednesday, December 5th
  • Three Branches Video and Checkpoint (Daily Grade) 
Thursday, December 6th
  • Analyzing the Bill of Rights
Friday, December 7th
  • States and Capitals Set 2 Quiz (Daily Grade)
  • Start Bill of Rights product (continue next week) 
  • Study States and Capitals Set 2 on the map a little each night for the quiz on Friday! 

This Week's Schedule


This Week's Schedule
*subject to change*
Monday, November 26
  • Start Constitution and A New Government Unit 
  • Articles of Confederation
 Tuesday, November 27
  • Constitutional Convention
Wednesday, November 28
  • Writing the Constitution
Thursday, November 29
  • Constitution Interactive Scavenger Hunt
Friday, November 30
  • Constitution Checkpoint (daily grade)
  • Study States and Capitals: Set 2 a few times a week for quiz on 12/7.

Friday, October 5 - Early Release
States and Capitals Set 1 Quiz (daily grade)
Homework: Study States and Capitals Set 1 10-15 minutes every night Monday-Thursday in order to prepare for the quiz on Friday! Practice identifying the state on a blank map and know the capital for each state.

Geography and Map Sklls Test

Hi Guys!!
Our geography and map skills test has been moved to Friday September 14th. 
Students will bring home a pink review to complete.  The review is due Friday.  All the information for the review will be on Google Classroom.  I will make sure all students have their Google Classrom code 
written down on Monday so they can access their class.