Mrs. Dildy is immensely interested in the following: her family, her friends, and food (with ice cream being at the top of her list of favorites).
She grew up in Houston, TX, and because she loves humidity and mosquitoes so much, she only left for a short while when she traveled to Huntsville, TX to attend college at Sam Houston State University. She is beginning her eleventh year as a teacher, having taught 5th grade for the past seven years.
Mrs. Dildy married her high school sweetheart, Luke, and together they raise the most adorable dog in the world, Rhodi (Ruby is adorable too, Ms. Broughton 😊). Mrs. Dildy rescued Rhodi from the streets of Huntsville. Rhodi was living the street life, and now she’s living the sweet life.
When Mrs. Dildy isn’t at OIS, you can find her in her backyard reading a book and watching Rhodi chase squirrels.