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Mrs. Dildy is immensely interested in the following: her family, her friends, and food (with ice cream being at the top of her list of favorites).
She grew up in Houston, TX, and because she loves humidity and mosquitoes so much, she only left for a short while when she traveled to Huntsville, TX to attend college at Sam Houston State University. She is beginning her eleventh year as a teacher, having taught 5th grade for the past seven years.
Mrs. Dildy married her high school sweetheart, Luke, and together they raise the most adorable dog in the world, Rhodi (Ruby is adorable too, Ms. Broughton 😊). Mrs. Dildy rescued Rhodi from the streets of Huntsville. Rhodi was living the street life, and now she’s living the sweet life.
When Mrs. Dildy isn’t at OIS, you can find her in her backyard reading a book and watching Rhodi chase squirrels.

Recent Posts


Artrageous, a fun and fantastic way to raise money for Oakcrest, is just around the corner, so we are gearing up in 5th grade!  Visit Oakcrest the evening of Friday, February 1st from 5:00-8:00 PM to view the student’s showcased work and participate in a silent auction.  Word on the street is the 5th Grade ELA team is putting together a pretty awesome experience…more to come on that later. 

I read aloud the book, The Best Part of Me, by Wendy Ewald. The following is a description of the book taken from Amazon.com: An award-winning photographer asked several children "What is the best part of you?", and presents their answers in this sometimes funny, sometimes moving, deeply personal book that includes striking black-and-white photographs taken by the author. Ideal for parents and teacher to use to discuss body image, self-esteem, and diversity with children.

I am asking that you have a conversation with your child about the “best part of them.” Please take a photograph of your child’s “best part ” and print it out in black and white. Photographs are due by January 22, 2019.  The size of the picture is up to you, but no larger than an 8x10 please. The students will write about the “best part of them” in class.  I have submitted a sample of the project to give you a better idea of what my vision is. 

Should you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you so much for your assistance. Team work makes the dream work!



Vocabulary Test #3

Students will have their third vocabulary test next Friday, December 14th. They will need to know all of their words from list one, two, and three, as well as all of the Greek and Latin roots we have learned so far. 

Vocabulary Test #1

Students will have their first vocabulary test next Friday, September 28. They will need to know the definitions of the following words, as well as the definitions of the Greek and Latin roots we have learned in class so far.

Vocabulary Test #2

Students will have their second vocabulary test this Friday, October 26th. They will need to know all of their words from list one and list two, as well as all of the Greek and Latin Roots we have learned so far. 

Epic! Books

Dear Parents,

We are using Epic! in class to foster a love of reading and learning with instant, unlimited access to thousands of amazing children’s books.

Please connect with our classroom for free at www.getepic.com/connect using our class code clu2704 to see what your child is reading in class and find out how to access Epic! at home.

Studies show that a great way to encourage a love of reading is to give kids a high-quality home library where they can choose the books that they’re excited about. Epic! is personalized for your child and their interests and is easy to access anytime, anywhere—on your smartphone, iPad, or computer.

Connect with our classroom for free to see what your child is reading in class and learn more about how you can encourage your child’s love of reading at home.


All my best,

Mrs. Dildy


Come to Spring Creek BBQ for Spirit Night tomorrow, October 11th! Ms. Jackson, Mr. Webb, and myself will be serving rolls from 6:30-7:00 PM. 

Fiction Test

Students will take their first reading test this Wednesday, September 26th. They will be assessed on the plot map, which includes: the conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. They will also be asked to use context clues to identify the meaning of unknown words, theme, summary, figurative language, and inference. They may use the elements of a story link for interactive practice prior to their exam.