All About Me!!

Quote: “Never above you.
Never below you.
Always beside you.”

-Walter Winchell


Sixth Grade PAP Math @OIS

All About Mrs. Coté (sounds like KoTay)....

Hello to my new Class of 2020-20221!

I am so excited to begin working this year at Oakcrest, and I really LOVE MATH!!
 I grew up in Tomball and graduated from Tomball High School, and then
attended Texas A&M University (WHOOP!) I taught school before at the old Tomball Elementary School on Keefer Street for five years... my classroom was very special to me there, as it was my 3rd grade Math classroom!!
 I taught 4th grade and all subject areas everyday....THAT was a lot of
work!!  I was fortunate enough to stay home after those 5 years with my three girls.  They are Jordan, Merritt, and Peyton.  All three of them are getting so much older now, and I was really missing teaching, so I began substitute teaching, and I discovered much I love the middle school years, and MATH!!  
  I cannot wait to be here everyday....I'm excited about all we are going to
 I love running and reading and working out, and learning all kinds of new teaching ideas and using technology!  We are so fortunate to have so many resources at our school as helpful teaching tools, and I am excited to have my students teach me the "tricks" of things that they know, too.
 I am here for my students, and I want them to be ready to learn and succeed!!

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

 It is from previous teachers in my educational experience that truly INSPIRED me to do and be more than I ever thought capable of myself.  Their belief in what they were doing, and loving children, motivated me to want to be a teacher.  
  I love my "job", and I want my students to LOVE LEARNING!!
  It is my goal this year to help my students become very independent
problem solvers, and to recognize and apply connections between their school math life and real world situations they will encounter.

Once you are my KIDDO in class.... YOU ARE ALWAYS MY KIDDO!!!