Holly Ellis
Grade 5

Course Description


Unit 6 - Mixed Media


Elements of Art: line, shape, color
Principles of Design: pattern, emphasis, unity

Example of Finished Artwork:

Content Objective: 
We will learn about the BATIK process mixed media art. We will create an illustrated fabric batik print using line art design with elmers gel glue and watered down acrylic paint.

I will learn about the BATIK technique. I will create a simplified line art design using a variety of lines and shapes, trace with elmer’s gel glue and paint with watered down acrylic paint. 

Language Objective: 
Listening: Demonstrate how to trace over the lines with the elmer’s gel glue
Learning Strategies: Learn how to use the BATIK wax-resist technique to create a unique piece of art on muslin fabric.
Speaking: Students will speak to each other about their design, composition and color choices.


Direct Instruction/Lesson Presentation: 
Day 1 – What is BATIK? Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to a cloth. The Batik process originated from Indonesia. Show examples of different line art designs. Give students a sheet of paper with a rectangle the size needed for the piece of art. Design must be going off the page for interesting composition. Students will spend the class period drawing their batik dye design.

Day 2 – students will complete their design and trace with thick black sharpie. Once complete, they will tape a piece of muslin cloth over their design and  trace over each line with elmers glue gel. This will dry overnight.
Day 3 –
students will paint with watered down acrylic paint, allowing the dried glue to resist the paint. Color blending and overlapping is encourage. This must be completed by the end of the class period.

Day 4 – students will soak their muslin in warm water and scrub away the elmer’s glue gel revealing the natural muslin fabric underneath.


Scripted Questions: 

What is mixed media?
What are the different methods/media for creating mixed media works of art? 
What are the wet and dry techniques? 
What is a wash? 
What is sgraffito?
What is mark-making?
What is collage?
What is decollage?
Using historical art works, how can mixed media be observed and described?

Art Vocabulary: 
Mixed Media: collage, texture, assemble, print, media, medium, resist, pattern, plastic, leatherhard, craftsmanship, decollage, sgraffito