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Dear Students and Parents,
      I am very excited for another great year at Oakcrest Intermediate. This year
marks the start of my 26th year in TISD. I spent my first year at Decker
Praire Elementary teaching 5th grade. The following 16 years I taught at
Beckendorf Intermediate teaching both 5th and 6th grade students. From 2009-2016, I taught fifth and sixth grade Language Arts and Social Studies at Creekside Forest Elementary.  I was so excited to transfer to Oakcrest  and be closer to home.
      I am orginally from Sac City, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University
in 1992 (GO CYCLONES!!). I grew up with both parents as teachers, so I guess
you could say that I inherited the "teaching gene". You've probably heard
that I'm the "teacher who sneezes loud", but there are other cool things
about me too. I have the best dog in the world!! Ruby was found at BIS in
January of 2009. She's been a great addition to my family and a constant
source of entertainment for me. I also love to bake and started a Cookie Camp this summer in my home.
I look forward to a great year full of exciting learning.
Ms Broughton

Recent Posts

Spelling words week of Oct. 16th

Spelling Words

Double consonant in the middle of a word

  1. dinner
  2. attic
  3. beginning
  4. accident
  5. butter
  6. happen
  7. brilliant
  8. aggressive
  9. necessary
  10. tomorrow
  11. success
  12. annoy
  13. apparatus
  14. occasion
  15. collect

Googly Eyes Project...need picture by Friday!!

Dear Parents,
We've been learning about Point of View  in Reading and Writing.  Tomorrow, I'm going to give your child a snack baggy with 2 pair of googly eyes (one small and one bigger).  Your child needs to carefully place the "eyes'  to an object in a public place (or your home if you want).  Then upload the picture or pictures with the googly eyes into a google document. 
 Uploading tips: If you download the google drive app, you can upload the picture straight into google drive.  I'll go over how to do this in class.  
If all else fails and you end up extremely frustrated with technology, your child can print out the picture and have it for class on Friday.
On Friday, we will be using Chromebooks for a creative writing activity.  They need a picture of the googly eyes on an object for Friday.  
Thank You,
Ms Broughton

Dear Parents,
I'm sending this home with your child tomorrow.  You might have to use a little glue when attaching the googly eyes to an object (my apologies...I went with the cheap googly eyes).  

Personal Narrative Story Due Date: Friday, Oct. 6th

Personal narrative stories will be due on Oct. 6th.  We are almost finished with the drafting phrase. Students will be allowed to take home their notebooks and work on their stories at home.
Parents:  Remember, you can only help 10%.  Here's what you can do:
  • Help with spelling
  • Encourage your child to read their stories out loud to see if they have left out any words
  • If you notice their story doesn't make sense, ask probing questions like:  how you can explain them better?  What details could you add to describe this event more clearly?
  • Remind them of due date.
We have been learning that stories have a beginning, middle and an end.  Their personal narrative stories should have this too.  In addition, they should be including details for each event with descriptive sensory language.  Students should also be writing in paragraphs.

Vocabulary words next week: Prefix in-

Here are part of the Vocabulary words we will be studying next week.  Not included are the academic vocabulary words.  Those will be announced on Monday.


Word List: in-


in, inside, into

include (v)

to be a part of; to be a member in

inflate (v)

to put air or gas into something; to fill in with air or gas

inhale (v)

to breathe in

inject (v)

to force into something; to force fluid in

inspect (v)

to look in; to look carefully at something

inspire (v)

to influence someone in a positive way or direction; to breathe life into

instruct (v)

to teach; to give knowledge into something

invite (v)

to ask someone in

Spelling Words this week

We did not have time for a pretest.  Students are encouraged to find other words that fit our pattern this week.  Test on Friday.

Spelling words

Au, aw, augh

\o\ sound